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12:00 PM
Closing Party
12:00 PM
Flowers for the Dead (US)
Closing Party
Closing Party Presented by Maker Park Radio:
12:45 PM
Starcleaner Reunion (US)
1:00 PM
Shunk (CA)
1:15 PM
Sara Parigi (IT)
1:30 PM
Housewife (CA)
1:45 PM
The Wesleys (CA)
2:00 PM
two blinks, i love you (UK)
2:15 PM
Diary (US)
2:30 PM
Sugar For The Pill (GR)
2:45 PM
3:00 PM
Ducks Ltd. (CA)
3:15 PM
Hause Plants (PT)
3:30 PM
Radio Trapani (IT/NL)
3:45 PM
Mr Floyd Larry (US)
4:00 PM
King Bug (US)
4:15 PM
Idle Hours (UK)
4:30 PM
Palomino Blond (US)
4:45 PM
Reme (ES/UK)
5:00 PM
Hotel Mira (CA)
5:15 PM
Cucamaras (UK)
5:30 PM
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys (DE)
5:45 PM
Saloon Dion (UK)
6:00 PM
6:15 PM
airu (ES)
7:00 PM
Outer Shapes (US)
7:45 PM
Love Language (CA)
8:30 PM
Orange Doors (US)
9:15 PM
Subsonic Eye (SG)
10:00 PM
Slash Need (CA)
10:45 PM
Hadda Be (UK)

MARCH 10TH, 2024

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