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We strongly urge you to read the following information carefully, before filling out the form and paying the application fee,. If you have any questions related to this application, please don’t hesitate to contact us at, To be clear, we will not be accepting applications via this email.


The New Colossus Festival is a celebration of live music. We are looking for artists who can deliver a great live performance and are looking to grow their fanbase and professional networks.
Our focus is on presenting emerging artists from around the world. Here are three main factors we base our decisions on:​​


We are mainly an Indie Rock showcase festival. We strongly recommend you listen to our 2024 Spotify Playlist and decide if you think your music would fit. Please don't email us to ask if your music would fit. That is what this application is for.


We will be choosing exceptional performers who are interested in networking at the festival and have the capacity to benefit from showcasing in front of a new audience in NYC.


We’re looking for emerging artists who have built a live following and are working towards taking things to the next level. International artists who are established at home yet have never played the US, are "new" to us.


  • You are not confident you fit the criteria outlined above.

  • You performed at the 2019-2024 editions of the festival. (Email us to discuss first)

  • Your band is a cover/tribute band. We are looking for original artists performing original material.

  • You are planning to leave the band you normally perform with at home and play solo with tracks. If you're a band, we require you to come as a band. We also would prefer performers stay for the duration of the festival. 

  • You have not fully considered the financial obligations required on your part including travel, accommodations, promo, and work authorizations for international performers. 


The dates of The New Colossus Festival are March 4-9, 2025 at select venues on New York City’s historic Lower East Side.

Please understand that we need to have a radius clause for all festival artists to ensure the highest quality experience for everyone. This simply means no additional public shows in the NYC (especially Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens) area between February 1 & March 31 2025. We reserve the right to remove artists from the lineup who violate this radius clause. 

DISCLAIMER: Conditions such as a public health emergency or bad weather fall beyond the control of the organizers and may cause The New Colossus Festival to alter or cancel programming without notice. The artist and their representatives will not hold The New Colossus Festival responsible for expenses incurred by the performers or their teams including this application fee, travel, accommodation, or promo due to cancellations for such matters.

International artists ideally will make up around 75% of the program and get at least two separate 30-minute showcase slots.

US based artists will make up around 25% of the program and will be given at least one 30-minute showcase slot.

Age Restrictions:
The legal age to enter the venues is 21+. Be advised that underage performers can apply and will be able to perform, but will have limited access to the festival. Underage friends and family members will not be able to attend. 


Anyone under 21 years old caught drinking or anyone who provides alcohol to underage people will cause their entire party to be removed from the festival. The artist and their representatives will not hold The New Colossus Festival responsible for expenses incurred by the performers or their teams including this application fee, travel, accommodation, or promo due to violating the law. 

Festival Access:
We will provide complimentary festival badges (value = $150 each) to all performers who are 21 years old and over. This grants priority access to all events including showcases, parties, happy hours, and the "Colossal Conversations" panel series. 

Any person or any song/artwork/action/performance that is racist, homophobic, misogynist, or otherwise hateful or harmful is not welcome at the festival or in our community. We reserve the right to remove performers from the line-up based on failing to meet our professional and ethical standards. We will not be held responsible for expenses incurred by the performers or their teams including travel, accommodation, or promo due to cancellations for such matters. 

Artists are paid off of door sales at each venue. We divide net proceeds at each paid show equally between the artists on the bill.  Please keep in mind, set lengths are 30 minutes across the festival which is a common showcase length. 

A Note for International Artists:
Proper authorization such as a visa may be required to enter the US and do business. Applicants who are invited to perform will agree to take full responsibility for knowing what they may need to travel and work in the US including covering any fees associated with obtaining authorization. 

Application Fee:

There's a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 application fee which covers our administrative costs and shows commitment from the applicant. 

Thank you again for your interest in playing at The New Colossus Festival 2025. We look forward to checking out your music.


Please fill truthfully and accurately. Application fees are non-refundable. We will begin notifying applicants of their status in the fall.

Thanks for applying. We will start getting back to applicants in August.

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