The New Colossus Festival 2022 Artist FAQ


For all matters related to booking and scheduling:

Lio Kanine (


For all matters related to venues and production.  Full advance info will be sent out closer to the festival.

Steven Matrick (


Artist Check In

COVID-19 Policy






Artist / Delegate Check In

We will open registration on Wednesday March 9th at 2pm at Pianos (158 Ludlow St). Artists will be able to pick up their badges here until 10pm. (said 11pm)


Full registration hours:

Wednesday March 9:  2pm-10pm

Thursday March 10: 2pm-10pm

Friday March 11: 12pm-8pm


If you cannot come during these hours, please email Robyn at to make an appointment.


**On Thursday afternoon, we’ll be hosting the “Colossal Conversations” panel series at Pianos. We highly encourage you to attend if you’re in town. More information is coming soon, but the panels will include panelists with expertise on many topics related to being a performing artist in today’s ever changing environment.

COVID-19 Policy: 

All venues require proof of vaccination to enter without exception. We take the global pandemic seriously and firmly believe that everyone’s health and safety are the priority. While we cannot predict how things will be in March of 2022 yet, we are confident that we’ll be able to proceed as planned while acting within the guidelines of the city and state. 




Your social media square is here for you to download and use. 


Our linktree with all relevant links including the festival playlist is here:


When promoting your shows, be sure to tag the venues and the other artists playing and use @newcolossusfestival & #newcolossusfestival . Some other hashtags you can use are: #(nameofvenue) #lowereastside 



All venues are strictly 21+ with proof of age and vaccination required to enter. 


Performers who are under 21 are able to perform their sets, but will have limited access to the rest of the festival. No other underage persons will be allowed into the venues. Please email Steven ( if you have underage people in your band ASAP.


Be advised that these are not large rooms (~150 cap) and storage space is extremely limited. The venue reps will guide your load in and find an appropriate space for your gear, but we’d appreciate you loading out after your show to make room for the next performing artists.




95 Stanton St. @Ludlow

New York, NY 10002

Tech/Backline info and more (here)



25 Avenue A @2nd St.

New York, NY 10009

Tech/Backline info and more (here)



327 Bowery @E. 3 St.

New York, NY 10003

Tech/Backline info and more (here)



169 Avenue A @11th

New York, NY 10009

Tech/Backline info and more (here)



217 E Houston St @ Essex St

New York, NY 10002

Tech/Backline info and more (here)



158 Ludlow St. @Stanton

New York, NY 10002

Tech/Backline info and more (here)


Backline for Pianos Upstairs 

  • Fender Frontman 10W (small amp combo)

  • Fender Deluxe Reverb Twin

  • Fender Rumble 12” combo bass amp 100 watt

  • Full Drum Kit (drummers must bring cymbals, snare, kick pedal)



Q: Where can we rent instruments or gear? 

A: SIR are the go to company for rentals in NYC. Check out their website here


Q: Can we share gear with other bands? 

A: We’ll leave the arrangement for gear shares up to you, but Steve is happy to help when he can. He will however be putting bands in contact with the other bands on each lineup as needed.





In most cases, you will load in through the front door. You should aim to arrive 1.5 hours before your set time. Be sure to check in with the venue rep (contact info forthcoming) and the house sound person. Please contact the rep if you are running late to help us keep things moving along. If you plan to drive in, please be aware of the posted parking restrictions near the venue. Never leave gear unattended in your vehicle! 


Q Do we get a soundcheck? 

A: As with all showcase festivals, all bands will be line checking.  If you are the first band on your lineup, you may have extra time if you arrive an hour before your set.   Please plan accordingly. 


Q: Can someone under 21 years old attend my show?  

A: Sorry, no. Again, the shows are strictly 21+ and a valid government ID is required to enter the venues. 


Q: Do we have a guest list? 

A: Yes, for your individual show(s), not for the whole festival. Keep in mind that each guest (21+) is one less ticket sold which will affect your payment by the venue. 


Q: How does payment work? 

A: We have a festival wide door deal of 50% gross revenue from individual show ticket sales split between the bands on the bill. Please email if you have any questions about this.


Q: Can I sell merch at my show / at the festival? 

A: Yes and you can keep 100% of your sales. Please check with the venue rep on where you can set up. We’re also working on setting up a pop-up merch store where you'll also have an opportunity to sell merch. More details TBC. 


Q: Where can I have merch made? 

A: Contact our friends at Funhouse and tell them we sent you and you'll get a 20% discount.







Q: We are an international band, do we need a visa to play?

A: The New Colossus expects performing artists and their teams to be aware of what is required of them to enter the US and work here. It is important that you understand that although the events target music industry professionals, they are also open to the general public. As such, ESTA / Visa Waiver, or B1 or B2 visas are not sufficient for foreign artists and crew. Instead, we recommend a P or O visa.


For those of you also performing at the official SXSW 2022 music showcase(s) in Austin, Texas, please know that SXSW is officially classified by the US government as a “showcase event,” which is why artists performing at official SXSW showcases have successfully entered the country using  B1 or B2 visas. It is our understanding that ESTA / Visa Waiver Program have been unreliable for SXSW. 


While we will provide international artists with an official letter of invitation to show to the officers when they arrive in the U.S., whether or not the U.S. government allows artists to enter the US to play New Colossus will be the decision of the individual passport control officer.  We expect our invitation will be sufficient to gain entry, but we cannot guarantee that New Colossus-bound artists will be admitted to the US if they arrive on ESTA / Visa Waiver, or with a B1 or B2 visa.


Q: Where do we stay when in NYC?  

A: You can find good deals online for hotels and apartment shares on or near the Lower East Side. Additionally, the Holiday Inn NYC- Lower East Side Hotel has set aside discounted rooms for us at $129 for King bed and $139 double bed. Registration link here.