For all matters related to booking and scheduling:

Lio Kanine (

For all matters related to venues and production:

Steven Matrick (




95 Stanton St.

New York, NY 10002

Tech/Backline info and more (here)


25 Avenue A

New York, NY 10009

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327 Bowery

New York, NY 10003

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169 Avenue A

New York, NY 10009

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168 Delancey St.

New York, NY 10002

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108 Orchard St.

New York, NY 10002

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158 Ludlow St.

New York, NY 10002

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Backline for upstairs 

  • Fender Frontman 10W (small amp combo)

  • Fender Deluxe Reverb Twin

  • Crate 12” combo bass amp 50 watt

  • Full Drum Kit (drummers must bring cymbals, snare, kick pedal)




Q: We are an international band, do we need a visa to play?

A: The New Colossus expects performing artists and their teams to be aware of what is required of them to enter the US and work here. It is important that you understand that although the events target music industry professionals, they are also open to the general public. As such, ESTA / Visa Waiver, or a B1 or B2 visas are not sufficient for foreign artists and crew. Instead, we recommend a P or O visa.

For those of you also performing at official SXSW 2020 music showcase(s) in Austin, Texas, please know that SXSW is officially classified by the US government as a “showcase event,” which is why artists performing at official SXSW showcases have successfully entered the country using  B1 or B2 visas. It is our understanding that ESTA / Visa Waiver Program have been unreliable for SXSW. 

While we will provide artists with an official letter of invitation to show to the officers when they arrive in the U.S., whether or not the U.S. government allows artists to enter the US to play New Colossus will be the decision of the individual passport control officer.  We expect our invitation will be sufficient to gain entry, but we cannot guarantee that New Colossus-bound artists will be admitted to the US if they arrive on ESTA / Visa Waiver, or with a B1 or B2 visa.

Q: Where do we stay when in NYC?  

A: You can find good deals online for hotels and apartment shares on or near the Lower East Side. 

Q: We drove in, where can we park our van? 

A: There are numerous parking garages in the area. Street parking is okay if you can find a spot, but it it's not 100% without risk. NEVER leave your gear unattended in a vehicle. 

Q: Where do we check-in at the festival? 

A: Bands will check-in at the first venue that they are playing. The venue will have credentials. Bands can also make arrangements to pick up at Pianos. 

Q: Where do we load-in for shows? 

A: In most cases, through the front door. 

Q: Do we have a guest list? 

A: Yeah, for your individual show(s), not for the whole festival. Keep in mind that each guest is one less ticket sold which will affect your payment by the venue. 

Q: How does payment work? 

A: If your band is owed money based on the door deal, you will be paid by the venue on the night of the performance. 

Q: Can we share gear with other bands? 

A: If you can work that out, that would be great. We unfortunately do not have the ability to coordinate. 

Q: Where can we rent instruments or gear? 

A: We like SIR. Check out their website here

Q: Can someone under 21 years old attend my show?  

A: Sorry, no. The shows are strictly 21+ and a valid government ID is required to enter the venues. 

Q: Can I leave my gear at the venue over night? 

A: We would not advise leaving your gear anywhere that is not in your sight. NEVER leave gear in your vehicles unattended.