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The Rah's

We're about to shake things up here at The New Colossus Sessions. Since we began doing this, you've been treated to virtual performances from a wealth of international talent at 5pm ET on Friday afternoons. This session, however - with Scottish five-piece The Rah's - takes place on August 5. Which is a Thursday. So be sure to set a reminder. But don't fear - Brad Wagner will be on hand as usual to host it.

The Rah's were formed in East Lothian - not too far from the Scottish capital of Edinburgh - and they're full of uncompromising rock'n'roll spirit and swagger. The band released their debut full-length, When Does It Become Real?, back in May. Its 11 songs veer between boisterous anthemic indie rock - there's a definite shade of Oasis to some of their songs - and more tender, gentle, heartfelt numbers, and it all adds up to create a mesmerizing debut that suggests their ascent to great things has, indeed, already become real. Check out the video for "She's Not" below.

See you then - on Thursday, remember - at 5pm EST.

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