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Ski Lift, Lucid Express and Roxy Girls

On Friday July 23rd, The New Colossus Sessions are going to treat you to music by three fabulous yet very different, bands. Hosted by the illustrious Brad Wagner, this session will feature performances by London's Ski Lift, Hong Kong's Lucid Express and Sunderland's Roxy Girls. The session will begin at 5pm EST and you can tune in here:

Ski Lift were formed as a recording project by Welsh songwriter Benji Tranter in late 2018, but have since expanded to become a trio. Their gentle indie rock'n'roll is tender and philosophical, full of wistful lyrical romanticism that's matched by the sumptuous tones of their lazy day jangles. The end result are songs that will remind you of things (or people) you long since thought you'd forgotten. But don't take our word for it - listen to their most recent single "Teenager" below.

Initially formed as Thud, Lucid Express is a much more apt name for this Hong Kong-based five-piece. That's because listening to their blissful, dreamy, electro-tinged indie pop/shoegaze hybrid is truly like being plunged into the deepest hypnagogic state - but one that feels (and sounds) so much like your best memories all wrapped into one rapturous yet melancholy feeling that you don't actually want to wake up from. Check out "North Acton", the first track from their just-released debut album on Kanine Records:

Roxy Girls and their angular yet somehow still poppy post-punk will snap you out of any dream state you may still be in though. Like the bastard child of Ian Dury and XTC with added doses of rambunctious energy, the Sunderland four-piece are signed to Moshi Moshi and have had a swell of hype surround their jittery, jerky songs. They have a new EP called Roxy Girls Are In The Drink coming out on Moshi Moshi on August 27. The following song is the first song on it.

The session will kick off at 5pm ET and you can view via:

We'll see you there!

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