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Scottish Showcase: Martha Ffion and Savage Mansion

When it comes to music, Scotland has always consistently pumped out better bands than any of the other countries that make up Great Britain. Could be there's something in the air there, or that Scottish people are just inherently more talented when it comes to writing songs. Anyway, with that in mind, The New Colossus Sessions are proud to announce a Scottish Showcase, presented by El Rancho Records, for Friday, July 30 that'll feature two talented acts from Glasgow - Martha Ffion and Savage Mansion. The session will be hosted by Brad Wagner and will kick off at 4pm ET.

Martha Ffion released her debut album, Sunday Best, in March 2018 to great critical acclaim, and it was long-listed for the Scottish Album Of The Year prize. She followed it up with the equally arresting Nights To Forget in 2020, which was full of the same kind of evocative anthems and nuanced musicality as the first. Breezy, bedroom pop full of heart, her songs veer from sad nostalgia to uplifting defiance, all tied together by her tender, tentative vocals. You can watch the video for "Nights To Forget" below:

A self-described indie-rock collective, Savage Mansion specialize in crafting off-kilter, lo-fi songs that veer between loud, frenzied alt-rock and slower, more gentle not-quite-ballads. Their second album, Weird Country - which does indeed contain a few songs that could be described as such - was released in April 2020. Not only did the album receive great reviews across the board for its inventive, exhilarating songs, but it marked the band out as a truly inventive, genre-defying tour de force. Check out the video for "Weird Country" here:

The session will kick off at 4pm ET and you can watch via this link right here:

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