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Petite Amie & The Sukis

The June 18 episode of The New Colossus Sessions features Mexico City's Petite Amie. As usual, the session will be hosted by our very own Brad Wagner, and will be yet another tantalizing burst of sonic goodness for you.

Appearing as part of our Downstairs Neighbors series, Petite Amie were initially formed as a side-project of Little Jesus bassist Carlos Medina, who plays guitar in this band. The Mexico City-based band's now-expanded line-up now includes two singers - Aline Terrein and Isabel Dosal - whose gorgeous, honeyed voices combine and coalesce over layers of lush instrumentation to create their beautiful, soothing and original brand of indie-pop. Discover more of their music on their Bandcamp page.

This session will kick off at the usual time of 5pm EST on Friday, June 18. See you there!

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