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PACKS and Palmera Beach (upstairs neighbours/downstairs neighbors Session

The New Colossus Sessions is proud to announce a very special Upstairs Neighbours/Downstairs Neighbors show on May 28th. On the Canadian side of things, Exclaim! and the Consulate General of Canada in New York are excited to present Toronto's PACKS, while Mexico City’s Palmera Beach will, obviously, be representing the Mexican side of things. It all kicks off at 5pm ET/4pm CDMX and will be hosted by our own Brad Wagner.

PACKS started out as a solo project by led by songwriter Madeline Link. Now a four-piece band, they specialize in delicious and delicate slices of heartfelt, melancholy slackerpop full of pathos and defiance. Their latest album, Take The Cake, is set for release on July 9 via Royal Mountain Records.

Dream-pop duo Palmera Beach was founded by brothers Cris and Yorchi Cordoba, and their shimmering, sparkling, uplifting tunes are guaranteed to make your day a little bit brighter when you listen to them. The pair have been releasing a number of singles in anticipation of their debut album including their latest, "Historias" which you can watch here:

To get you in the mood before the session, you can listen to PACKS on Bandcamp, and check out Palmera Beach on whatever streaming service you prefer.

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