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Kelly McMichael and Sunglaciers

On Friday August 20, The New Colossus Sessions is excited to present another episode of upstairs neighbours in partnership with Exclaim! and with support from The Consulate General of Canada in New York. Hosted by Brad Wagner, this session features vocalist/songwriter/producer/conductor Kelly McMichael and hypnotic post-punk/shoegaze outfit Sunglaciers. The session begins at 5pm EST.

The multi-faceted Kelly McMichael is originally from Peterborough, ON, but is now based in St John's NL. Her debut album, Waves, was released back in May, and showcases her diverse talents as a songwriter. Weaving electronics, sumptuous melodies and layers of nuanced instrumentation, her songs are dreamy slices of sultry nostalgia that transport you to a world and time you know all too well but simultaneously can't quite place. You can listen to "Stepping Stone" here:

Calgary four-piece Sunglaciers blur the line between post-punk, shoegaze and experimental indie pop, incorporating elements of all three into their stirring, insistent songs. The band have a forthcoming second record, Subterranea, due out in 2022. The follow-up to 2019's Foreign Bodies, it has been co-produced by fellow Calgarian Chad VanGaalen and looks set to continue the band's love affair with intricate and surprising sonic soundscapes. Take a listen to the gentle devastation of "For What" below:

The session will kick off at 5pm ET and you can watch via this link right here:

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