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CIEL and Jango Flash

On Wednesday August 25, the latest New Colossus Session will be from Brighton-based three-piece CIEL and North Sheilds' Jango Flash. As ever, it'll be hosted by our very own Brad Wagner and will kick off at 12pm ET.

Originally from The Netherlands, CIEL are now based in the UK seaside town of Brighton, and are masters of graceful, happy-sad songs that float through the ether like a grey cloud on a beautiful summer's day. Merging beautiful, twee melodies with shimmers of electronics, their songs are caught between the past and the present - all of both, but none of one. It's very early days for the band, but already their music sounds way more accomplished than the time they've been together. As you can hear on latest single, "Never Alone Again", below.

Hailing from North Shields, a small town about eight miles from Newcastle, Jango Flash are a band who trade in nuanced, futuristic rock'n'roll. Yet beneath the swagger of their songs, the five-piece often tackle difficult, heavy subjects. Take, for example, their single "My Mercedes". It's a sumptuous slice of boisterous, chugging, sludgy noise, but the lyrics take the form of a dialogue between a girl in an abusive relationship and her friend, who's trying to get her out of it. Check out the video for it here.

The session will kick off at 12pm ET and you can watch via this link right here:

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