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Candeleros and I Have Prøblemas

There's a special Spanish double bill of The New Colossus Sessions on Friday July 9. As usual, the session will be hosted by Brad Wagner and this week will feature two bands from the Spanish capital, Madrid - Candeleros and I Have Prøblemas. The session will begin at 5pm EST and you can watch via:

Though based in Madrid, the six members of Candeleros actually originate from Colombia and Venezuela, although the band's sound extends way beyond the borders of their country. In fact, not only do their trippy, experimental soundscapes incorporate elements of cumbia, merengue, dub and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, they also have something of an intergalactic vibe about them too - almost as if these songs had been created in a galaxy far, far away. You can check out more at the Bandcamp page, and watch the wonderfully sunny stop-motion video for "En Busca del Buku" below:

I Have Prøblemas is the brainchild of New York/Uruguay's Nøva Quirøga. An audio-visual project that sounds like a kind of comforting dystopia - think John Carpenter's unnerving atmospherics mixed with the relaxing, chilled out bliss of candombe - Uruguayan percussive music. Helping her bring that scintillating combination to life is Argentinian producer Julian Carrara (2.G.1.B) and Venezuelan guitarist Fernando Ochoa - who just so happens to play in Candeleros too. It's a small but musically rich world! Listen to more at the project's Bandcamp page, and check out the video for "Cyber Candømbe" below:

The session will begin at 5pm EST on Friday, July 9. We'll see you there!

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