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Bonnie Trash and Praises

On Friday July 2 at 5pm ET, The New Colossus Sessions will continue its upstairs neighbours series with two more wonderful Canadian bands presented by our friends Hand Drawn Dracula and Exclaim! with support from the Consulate General of Canada in NY. Hosted by Brad Wagner, you'll be treated to live songs by Guelph, Ontario's Bonnie Trash and Toronto's Praises.

Formed by twin sisters Emmalia and Sarafina Bortolon-Vettor, Bonnie Trash are a duo that dish out darkness in spades. Their 2017 debut EP, for example, was based on the folk tales of Ezzelino III da Romano - a medieval tyrant in their ancestral town of San Zenone degli Ezzelini, Italy, who was said to be a cannibal. Their creepy, atmospheric, gothy songs are drenched in attitude - snarling and devastating rock'n'roll that haunts you to your core. Check out their Bandcamp page here, and watch the video for "Shades Of You" below.

Praises is the brainchild of Beliefs' Jesse Crowe, and a vehicle for the songwriter to explore a more contemplative, avant-garde and experimental vision of their innermost emotions. Sultry and ominous, dark and hushed, Praises is a cold chill running up the back of your spine - there are nods to Portishead here, but they're shrouded in a bleak, discordant darkness that's simultaneously soothing and unsettling. Check out their Bandcamp page, and watch the video for "A World On Fire", from forthcoming release EP4 below.

This session will begin at the usual time of 5pm EST on Friday, July 2. See you there!

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