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Altameda and Josh Sahunta

On Friday June 4, The New Colossus Sessions is proud to be hosting another Canada Night as part of our ongoing upstairs neighbours series. As you known by now, these sessions showcase the immense and varied talents of our Canadian friends, and this week is no exception. Hosted by the inimitable Brad Wagner, this session will feature two artists from from Edmonton, Alberta - Altameda and Josh Sahunta.

Altameda's sumptuous, country-inspired indie rock drips with both pathos and stoic defiance. Both haunted and haunting in equal measure, their songs are fueled by a wretched, alcohol-inspired beauty. The band already have two acclaimed full-lengths to their name and are currently at work on their next. You can listen to their majestically melancholy songs at their Bandcamp page.

Josh Sahunta is a self-taught singer-songwriter and musician who self-describes his music as R&B-pop. One listen to his latest single, "Falling For You", and it's easy to hear just how accurate that is - the deep yearning of that track is accompanied by layers of lavish production which truly bring the song alive. Find out more about him and hear his incredible knack for melody at his website.

The sessions kick off at 5pm ET/3pm MT - we look forward to seeing you there!

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