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Andy Jones

Founder & Music Programmer


Wrexham, Wales

Andy Jones is the co-founder and music programmer for the FOCUS Wales showcase festival. Andy has worked within the music industry for over 15 years; as an artist, label MD, and promoter. He's delivered work for a variety of labels, including dedicated releases in the UK, Germany, Italy and Canada. Through these projects Andy has gained extensive experience of the various sectors, providing his team with a depth of expertise which underpins the delivery of the FOCUS Wales festival. FOCUS Wales is an annual international showcase festival for the Welsh music industry, and takes place in Wrexham each year, placing the industry spotlight firmly on the talent that Wales has to offer the world. 2023 marks the festival’s 12th anniversary year edition, and will welcome over 20,000 festival goers, with over 250 artists from around the world performing across 20 stages. Alongside the annual festival, FOCUS Wales also have an international branch to their work, supporting artists from Wales to export across the globe, with FOCUS Wales showcases to date at SXSW, M for Montreal, BreakOut West, and more projects in the works. Andy has taken part in conferences at leading music industry events around the world, including events in Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the USA.

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