Artist Application

March 9-13, 2022


Thank you for your interest in performing at The New Colossus Festival 2022. We're excited to return to New York City's Lower East Side 9-13 March and look forward to reconnecting with the wonderful community we've been building over the past several years. Before you rush into filling out the form and paying the application fee, we urge you to read the following carefully. If your situation doesn’t fit, this should save you some time and help you decide how to proceed. If you have any further questions related to this application, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

COVID-19 Policy: 

Proof of vaccination is required to enter all venues without exception. Proof of vaccination will also be required of all persons entering the US. That's the law and we are assuming it will not be different in March 2022. While we cannot predict how life will be next spring, we will update this policy as required by law. 


There is unfortunately a possibility that unexpected circumstances may occur that will be out of our control and affect programming.If we are ultimately forced to cancel the festival due to COVID-19, that decision will not be made lightly and our plans will be made known at the earliest possible opportunity.


In closing, we take the global pandemic seriously and firmly believe that everyone’s health and safety are the highest priority. We all want to get back to normal and encourage everyone to get vaccinated, wear masks properly, and follow the guidelines that the experts advise.


Who Are We?
We're a showcase festival primarily focused on emerging international artists. If your sound is a good fit and you are looking to connect with industry and fans (ie. hustle!), we might be a good fit for you.  


What Are We Looking For?
The lineup we are curating is based on many factors, but the main focus is on the music. For now, we are centered on "indie rock" and the other sub-genres that generally fit within that world. We do not discriminate based on one's identity including age, gender, race, etc. For further clarification on what we are looking for, please listen to the festival's Spotify playlist and check out our previous line-ups.


Application Fee:
There's a non-refundable $100 application fee.    

Festival Dates:

The dates of The New Colossus Festival are March 9-13, 2022 at select venues on NYC’s historic Lower East Side and the East Village. Average capacity is 100-150 depending on regulations at the time. We ask that performers be available throughout as many of these days as possible so we can make the best schedule possible. Please understand that we need to have a radius clause for all festival artists to ensure the highest quality experience for everyone. This simply means that we request no additional public shows are performed in the NYC/Brooklyn/Queens area between February 9 and March 18, 2022. 


We program each the stages with care. It’s time consuming, a lot to consider, and totally worth it! International artists will get at least two separate 30-minute showcase slots. US artists will be given at least one 30-minute showcase slot. 


Age Restrictions:
The legal age to enter the venues is 21+. They do allow underage performers, but they each have very strict and specific policies which performers will need to follow. Be advised that underage performers and crew may have limited access to the festival. 


Festival Access: 
We will provide festival badges to all performers and road crew who are 21 years old and over. This grants priority access to all events including showcases, parties, happy hours, and the "Colossal Conversations" panel series. 


There will be opportunities for performers to receive a percentage of door sales based on each venue’s door deal. 


A Note for International Artists:
You will need to show proof of vaccination to enter the US. It is also important to understand that although the festival events target music industry professionals and are showcases in nature, they are also open to the general public. Therefore, proper work authorization is required by law for non-citizens to enter the US. Applicants who are invited to perform will agree to take full responsibility for knowing what they may need to travel including covering any fees associated with obtaining authorization. 

Thank you again for your interest in playing at The New Colossus Festival. We look forward to checking out your music and will be in touch in the coming months. 

Artist Application 

Please fill out all forms truthfully and accurately

Thank you again for your interest in playing at The New Colossus Festival. We look forward to checking out your music and will be in touch in the coming months.